Service Price
Gents Cut R190.00
Gents Cut Weekly R130.00
Gents Cut (2nd week) R165.00
Gents Colour Application ONLY R350.00
Gents hi-lite per foil R25.00
Gents Head Shave R95.00

Ladies Cut and Blow

Service Price
Cut ONLY R300.00
Straight 1 length cut R220.00
Short R400.00
Medium R420.00
Long R440.00
Extra-long R460.00

Wash and Blow

Service Price
Short R250.00
Medium R270.00
Long R295.00
Extra Long R310.00

Weekly Wash and Blow

Services Prices
Short R190.00
Medium R210.00
Long R225.00
Extra-Long R250.00

Upstyle / Braid

Service Price
Braid R 250.00
Ladies Basic Upstyle R 350.00
Ladies Intricate Upstyle R 500.00
Teen Basic Upstyle R 250.00
Teen Intricate Upstyle R 400.00


Service Price
Toddlers cut (1-4) R95.00
Boys Cut (5-12) R120.00
Girls Cut (5-12) R150.00
Teen Boys Cut (12-16) R150.00
Teen Girls Cut (12-16) R200.00
Girls Blow Wave (5-12) R150.00
Girls Cut and Blow Wave (5-12) R240.00
Teen Girls Blow Wave(12-16) R180.00
Teen Girls Cut & Blow Wave (12-16) R300.00



Service Price
Male Student Cut R160.00
Female Student Cut R250.00
Female Straight One-Length Cut R200.00


Service Price
Short R210.00
Medium R230.00
Long R260.00
Extra long R280.00

Cut and Blow

Short R360.00
Medium R380.00
Long R400.00
Extra long R420.00


Students get 10% discount on colour

NB! Student rates only valid from 16-18 or on presentation of valid Student card.



Service Price
Ladies cut R195.00
Mens cut R135.00
Blow short R130.00
Blow medium R150.00
Blow long R170.00
Blow extra-long R190.00

Cut and Blow

Service Price
Short R270.00
Medium R290.00
Long R310.00
Extra-long R320.00


Service Price
Short R420.00
Medium R500.00
Long R550.00
Extra-long R590.00
Pensioners Perm R350.00

Colour Bar

Service Price
Colour - Root tint R 450.00
Colour - T-Panel R 320.00
Colour Application –Short R 550.00
Colour Application - Medium R 700.00
Colour Application - Long R 840.00
Colour Application - Extra-long R 940.00
Toner Application - Short R 400.00
Toner Application - Medium R 450.00
Toner Application - Long R 500.00
Toner Application - Extra Long R 550.00
Balayage/Ombre - Medium (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 1400.00
Balayage/Ombre - Long (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 1800.00
Balayage/Ombre - Extra Long (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 2250.00
BLONDES Full Head Bleach Application R 600.00
Root bleach application ONLY R 450.00
Half Head Highlights - Short R 600.00
Half Head Highlights - Medium R 680.00
Half Head Highlights - Long R 760.00
Half Head Highlights – Extra-long R 840.00
Full head Highlights – Short R 780.00
Full head Highlights - Medium R 980.00
Full Head Highlights - Long R 1280.00
Full Head Highlights – Extra-long R 1500.00
3/4 Head Highlights - Short R 690.00
3/4 Head Highlights - Medium R 830.00
3/4 Head Highlights - Long R 1020.00
3/4 Head Highlights - Extra-Long R 1170.00
Per Flash R45.00

Hair Treatments


Service Price
Fibre Clinix - Short R 350.00
Fibre Clinix - Medium R 390.00
Fibre Clinix – Long R 420.00
Fibre Clinix – Extra-long R 440.00
Blonde me booster treatment R 199.00

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Service Price
Brazilian Keratin - Short R 990.00
Brazilian Keratin - Medium R 1090.00
Brazilian Keratin - Long R 1220.00
Brazilian Keratin - Extra Long R 1500.00

Hair Botox Treatment

Hair Botox treatment – Short (Including Blowdry) R400.00
Hair Botox treatment – Medium (Including Blowdry) R550.00
Hair Botox treatment – Long (Including Blowdry) R700.00

Terms and Conditions and additional services

  • Short hair = up to jaw line
  • Medium hair = jaw line to shoulder
  • Long hair = below shoulder
  • Extra – Long = Below shoulder blade
  • Extra colour may be required and charged for accordingly
  • Please be aware that the prices reflected above are an indication of prices charged and are subject to change.
  • For an accurate price, please come in and visit us for a professional consultation.