Service Price
Gents Cut R170.00
Gents Cut Weekly R120.00
Gents Cut (2nd week) R145.00
Gents Colour Application ONLY R350.00
Gents hi-lite per foil R20.00

Ladies Cut and Blow

Service Price
Cut ONLY R290.00
Straight 1 length cut R200.00
Short R380.00
Medium R400.00
Long R420.00
Extra-long R440.00

Wash and Blow

Service Price
Short R225.00
Medium R255.00
Long R280.00
Extra Long R300.00

Weekly Wash and Blow

Services Prices
Short R175.00
Medium R195.00
Long R210.00
Extra-Long R235.00

Upstyle / Braid

Service Price
Braid R 250.00
Ladies Basic Upstyle R 350.00
Ladies Intricate Upstyle R 500.00
Teen Basic Upstyle R 250.00
Teen Intricate Upstyle R 400.00


Service Price
Toddlers cut (1-4) R70.00
Boys Cut (5-12) R110.00
Girls Cut (5-12) R140.00
Teen Boys Cut (12-16) R120.00
Teen Girls Cut (12-16) R180.00
Girls Blow Wave (5-12) R120.00
Girls Cut and Blow Wave (5-12) R200.00
Teen Girls Blow Wave(12-16) R140.00
Teen Girls Cut & Blow Wave (12-16) R260.00



Service Price
Male Student Cut R135.00
Female Student Cut R220.00


Service Price
Short R190.00
Medium R210.00
Long R240.00
Extra long R260.00

Cut and Blow

Short R340.00
Medium R360.00
Long R380.00
Extra long R400.00


Students get 10% discount on colour

NB! Student rates only valid from 16-18 or on presentation of valid Student card.



Service Price
Ladies cut R195.00
Mens cut R125.00
Blow short R120.00
Blow medium R140.00
Blow long R160.00
Blow extra-long R180.00

Cut and Blow

Service Price
Short R260.00
Medium R280.00
Long R310.00
Extra-long R330.00


Service Price
Short R400.00
Medium R485.00
Long R525.00
Extra-long R575.00

Colour Bar

Service Price
Colour - Root tint R 425.00
Colour - T-Panel R 320.00
Colour Application –Short R 500.00
Colour Application - Medium R 650.00
Colour Application - Long R 795.00
Colour Application - Extra-long R 895.00
Toner Application - Short R 400.00
Toner Application - Medium R 450.00
Toner Application - Long R 500.00
Toner Application - Extra Long R 550.00
Balayage/Ombre - Medium (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 1250.00
Balayage/Ombre - Long (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 1650.00
Balayage/Ombre - Extra Long (Colour, Highlights & Toner) R 2100.00
BLONDES Full Head Bleach Application R 600.00
Root bleach application ONLY R 450.00
Half Head Highlights - Short R 570.00
Half Head Highlights - Medium R 650.00
Half Head Highlights - Long R 730.00
Half Head Highlights – Extra-long R 810.00
Full head Highlights – Short R 750.00
Full head Highlights - Medium R 950.00
Full Head Highlights - Long R 1250.00
Full Head Highlights – Extra-long R 1500.00
Per flash min 3 R 45.00

Hair Treatments


Service Price
Fibre Clinix - Short R 350.00
Fibre Clinix - Medium R 380.00
Fibre Clinix – Long R 410.00
Fibre Clinix – Extra-long R 440.00
Blonde me booster treatment R 199.00

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Service Price
Brazilian Keratin - Short R 950.00
Brazilian Keratin - Medium R 1050.00
Brazilian Keratin - Long R 1180.00
Brazilian Keratin - Extra Long R 1500.00

Hair Botox Treatment

Hair Botox treatment – Short R200.00
Hair Botox treatment – Medium R350.00
Hair Botox treatment – Long R500.00

Terms and Conditions and additional services

  • Short hair = up to jaw line
  • Medium hair = jaw line to shoulder
  • Long hair = below shoulder
  • Extra – Long = Below shoulder blade
  • Extra colour may be required and charged for accordingly
  • Please be aware that the prices reflected above are an indication of prices charged and are subject to change.
  • For an accurate price, please come in and visit us for a professional consultation.